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I have been asked repeativly for stories to explain many of my images... so i'm adding new stories to my images and updating and adding to some existing stories  ...keep checking your favorite images for new stories.

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Killer Frost.... Burial by TheBadLieutenant

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Fire Frost Twerk Trouble II by TheBadLieutenant

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Fire Frost Twerk Trouble I by TheBadLieutenant

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Fire and Frost Cold Heart Hot Steel by TheBadLieutenant

What is your favorite villian that has captured Fire and Frost? 

51 deviants said Sorority Slavers (Buffy Farnsworth)
26 deviants said The Mechanic (Maria Sol)
15 deviants said TortureBot II
8 deviants said Nefertiti (Memphis Hathor)
7 deviants said The Red Queen (Morgana Rouge)
7 deviants said Darkstar (Andrea Steele)
6 deviants said or who would you choose to punish Fire and Frost ...Comment below
3 deviants said Hex (Sasha Mstislav)
3 deviants said Grimlock
2 deviants said The Cyborg Huntress (Ilsa Fadder)


Teen Fire and Frost
Tara’s back ached and her legs burned from prolonged strain but those were the least of her worries at the moment. The tightness and weight of her restraints added a great deal of resistance as the red-headed superhero struggled to keep her hips and chest thrust forward and upward while every sense, every muscle, every last vestige of sanity screamed for her to collapse…everything that is except for her sense of duty and care for her sister. Grunting into the gag strapped about her face, Teen Fire pushed forward, forcing her agonizingly sensitive pussy and nipples into the vibrating and whirling attachments, repeated and agonizing electrical shocks mingling confusingly with the overwhelming sensations of arousal. Her knees trembled weakly but she dared not break contact, even for a moment. She had already done so too many times, as her sister’s groans and squeals confirmed. “You’re doing very well,” chuckled The Stiletto, as she casually lit a cigar and leaned back in her chair. “Only three more hours and you’re both free, if, of course…” She took a long, leisurely puff and smiled.
Captured by The Stiletto as they responded to an emergency call, Teen Frost and Teen Fire had been swiftly deprived of their gems and found themselves the helpless subjects of the villain’s fiendish predicaments. “You two have thwarted me one too many times, wasting all the work I put into my evil plans, so it’s time you did a little work. On the plus side, I like to give my victims a sporting chance, even such disgusting little twerps like yourselves, so allow me to explain. I flipped a coin and, sorry my dear Ms. Fire, you’re the one who will be doing all the work. You see the rotisserie your sister is so tightly secured to is above a sort of automatic grill.” From her supine position, Teen Frost eyed the long venture tubes arrayed beneath the bar to which she was affixed. The blonde superhero squirmed uselessly against the restraints and whimpered. “Your restraints allow a bit more flexibility,” Stiletto explained to Teen Fire. The evil woman moved the three arms on the machine so that they were just within reach, if Teen Fire really stretched, of the redhead’s breasts and crotch. Tara blanched when she saw the vibrating attachment on the one and the brushes on the other two. Her captor continued. “All you have to do my dear is keep that tight little pussy of yours and those perky nipples pressed snugly against my little toys here and you can save your sister! But…each time you break any one of those three points of contact, the burners over which our little Teen Frost is suspended will go up a notch.” Both the girls groaned, Kara beginning to squirm a little more desperately. “Oh what are you two complaining about? This should be a cinch for such heroines as yourselves! As a matter of fact, once we get started I’m going to leave you two alone to meet the challenge while I head over to City Hall to see of my mind-control ray will work on our mayor. This system is automatic. survive for three measly hours and the machine will automatically release you. you might just make it in time to stop me! Now how fair is that, I ask you?” Tara glared at her over her gag. “Oh yes,” the Stiletto continued. “There is one other teeny little detail I forgot to mention. Every time you break contact, Fire, not only does the heat go up on our dear Frost, but the machine automatically adds another hour to your time! What’s more, the electrical voltage will increase as well making it that much more painful when you do get back in position. I’d recommend you try very, very hard to keep connected! Your poor sister is already warm enough I’m sure with the burners at their lowest setting…we wouldn’t want to see sweet little Frost melt away, now would we?” Stiletto smiled and pulled out one of her cigars. “Well then. Shall we get started?”
Fire and Frost Cold Heart Hot Steel
amazing image by :iconaugustineart:

 Frost stared up at the teen hero’s sexy captor. Back in the hands of The Stiletto, The arch villainess that was as beautiful as she was deadly. Frost was currently bound in a large square hole. Her slender wrists locked to the holes floor by six inch steel chains. Stiletto explained that she planned to slowly fill the hole with molten steel. A slow and very painful demise the sexy villain stated with a hint of glee in her seductive voice. Stiletto had bound Fire above the hole so she could watch her sister’s slow cremation. Stiletto had explained the after watching her sister turned to ash Fire would be in need of some intense therapy. To the horror of the red wonder Tara Bishop would soon be a patient of the notorious Tromos Institute.
Both teen had heard the stories and knew that a stay there would hell on earth.. The Stiletto told the sexy heroes that Teen Fire would be a level 5 patient, meaning that she would remain in the strictest bondage at all times. Her days would consist of intense tickle therapy and orgasm denial therapy. She also explained that there would be a battery of tests on her costume bottoms. I also arranged for some special roommates for you. You will be sharing your cell with Buffy Farnsworth, Morgana Rouge, known as the Red Queen and Andrea Steele also known as Darkstar. The sexy hero gasp, she and her sister had been responsible for putting these villains in the institution.
Yes, Stiletto laughed, I’m sure they will be quite happy to receive the sexy Teen Fire every night, trussed up and completely helpless. Stiletto ran her finger over Fire’s gagged lips; I imagine this mouth and tongue will get quite the workout. Tara stated wide eyed at her captor, her mind spinning with the thoughts of being these three villains sex toy.
Stiletto smiled her wicked grin; don’t worry my sweet little hero. I will stop by every month or so to check on you. To check on your progress, the sexy villain laughed. The thought of this did not ease Tara’s mind.
Now I will return for you in three hour, Stiletto stared into the red-green eyes of the beautiful redhead. We will pack you away for your trip. Teen Fire tried to look defiant making her sexy captor smile wolfishly.
And as for you, Stiletto stated, as she looked down at the scantly clad blond in the hole below, I have placed your power stone close by to prolong your suffering. With this she pressed a button on a small remote and soon a thin molten stream of metal began to fall to the floor of the hole with a loud hiss. Good bye dears Stiletto lighted as she walked away leaving the sexy heroes to their fates.

Kara had to think fast, looking around the hole she saw nothing except the glowing metal pooling in the corner of the hole. She pulled with all of her strength on her restraints but they did not budge. Kara looked up at her bound sister above who was staring wide eyed at the growing puddle of molten metal.
Kara looked around the hole again and an idea struck her. Using her gymnastic ability’s Teen Frost placed her palms flat on the floor. Pushing her body off the floor she tucked her legs tight and began rising into a handstand. Her firm round bottom scraped the smooth wall of the hole. Once the beautiful blond was vertical she gingerly extended her shapely legs. Now in a full handstand Frost glanced below at the growing puddle of glowing metal. Kara slowly spread here amazing legs in to the splits.
Tara watched her sister spread her perfect legs. Kara messaged Tara that if she could get her toes on the lip of the hole she could hold herself up. She could then raise her wrists to the extent of the chain. Then she could allow the molten metal to filling the hole and to weaken the chains of her restraints. She could then pull the chains apart, remove her gag and call he power stone.

Tara watched with anticipation as her super sister spread her smooth muscular legs. Her eyes were immediately drawn to the thin strip of alien material covering the blond beauties puffy pussy. Tara shudder, feeling the familiar tingle in her sex. Tearing her eyes away from her sister's crotch she watched her sister point the toes of her boots trying the find purchase on the lip of the hole she was trapped in.
Tara messaged Kara that she was about five inches of the lip of the hole.
With incredible strength and dexterity Teen Frost lifted her body weight on to the tips of her finger.
Tara messaged Kara that her toes were still two inches from the top. Kara listen to her sisters telepathic link as she watched tendrils on molten metal snake towards her straining finger tips.
Frost knew she was running out of time. She acted fast, point her toe and pressed with all her strength into the smooth sides of her would be tomb.

Kara steadied herself as she gingerly took her weight from her finger. Her fantastic legs strained but her body remained above the red hot floor. Kara raised her wrists as far as the chains would allow. Kara watched the molten metal fill the bottom of the hole, the heat was intense. Her amazing body, shiny with sweat as the heat radiated from the hole below. Kara tugged on her bond and realized this was a mistake as her toes precarious perch on the smooth sides of hole slipped. Straining her leg muscles, and pressing her toes with all her might she only slipped an inch but she realized that she could not pull on her bonds. The sexy teen would have to wait for the chains to melt away completely before she could escape.
Teen Frost was in dire straits, she was basically cooking, just inches above a pool of molten steel. Holding herself above the glowing death below by her straining legs and pointed toes, sweat pouring off her amazing body, the beautiful blond suffered in silence.

Teen Fire could only watch as her super sisters legs began to shake from the strain. Kara groaned beginning to think could this be the end, when she felt one of cuffs give way. Kara gave a slight tug on the other and it released as well. Kara acted quickly, tearing away her gag and clapping her newly freed hands together while shouting her power word.  Teen Frost felt all her pain disappear in an instant. With a wave of her hand the molten metal below solidified.
Fire watched as her sexy sister popped out of the hole, landing on her feet in front of the wide eyed redhead. Frost stretched her perfect body then removed Fire's bonds and gave her sister a very passionate kiss.

I though I was done-for Kara stated as she stared into her sister red-green eyes. Let go get that bitch Tara responded with a rueful grin.

Both sexy heroines raced to the door and yanked it open. There was a click and a hiss and then all went dark..

A non-descript panel van drove through a large ornate gate and up a winding drive. In the distance a large castle like building peaked through the manicured trees. The van pulled into an underground parking garage and up to a metal gate. The driver spoke into a small speaker. Two for level 5 the driver stated, meta-humans, indefinitely, yes special approval, off the books. He continued. The gate lifted and the van drove through to stop at a second gate. Over the gate was a sign: TROMOS INSTITUTE PRISONER ENTRANCE 



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