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What is your favorite villian that has captured Fire and Frost? 

32 deviants said Sorority Slavers (Buffy Farnsworth)
16 deviants said The Mechanic (Maria Sol)
8 deviants said TortureBot II
6 deviants said Nefertiti (Memphis Hathor)
5 deviants said The Red Queen (Morgana Rouge)
4 deviants said Darkstar (Andrea Steele)
3 deviants said Hex (Sasha Mstislav)
3 deviants said Grimlock
3 deviants said or who would you choose to punish Fire and Frost ...Comment below
2 deviants said The Cyborg Huntress (Ilsa Fadder)


Fire and Frost by TheBadLieutenant
Fire and Frost
CHAPTER 9 part 2

Both heroines awoke from their night in their Latin mistress’ bed chamber. Refreshed in the rejuvenation tubes before being placed in their latest torture scenario, Kara’s pussy still throbbed from the night’s electro-whipping and Tara still had a taste of the torturer’s pussy in her mouth.

The teen heroines were hanging upside down over a large pool of water, bound facing each other about 4 feet apart. Their legs were held spread apart with their ankles attached to the ends of an aluminum frame acting as a spreader bar. This frame was connected to a heavy chain that extended up towards the ceiling of the room. Each girls’ hands were locked inside small mittens, secured behind their backs to a nylon belt that was cinched tightly around each girl's tiny waist. Inside the mitten surrounding each girl's right hand they felt the familiar shape of the release button that they had used on the pendulum and the ant torture. Each girl shuddered, remembering those horrific experiences, thinking what their sadistic captor had in store for them now.

Both heroines wore their color coordinated ball gags. Both teens struggled, pulling at their restraints, Tara glanced at Kara worriedly. ‘Can you see any way we could escape?’ she messaged her sister.

Kara looked up at the frame that was holding her sister’s legs in splits, she groaned as she recognized the device mounted to the frame directly above her sisters spread crotch. It was the same device that she had been tortured with the night before. Kara messaged Tara telling her that there was one of the special whipping wheel mounted above her spread crotch.

Tara messaged back that Kara had the same. ‘It looks like we are in for a long, painful, wet day.’

As the two teen heroines hung upside down, struggling in their bonds, a mechanical gangway extended over the pool between them. Maria walked out and stopped between the two heroines. She looked into Tara’s face and smiled. “Good morning my little Redbird! You did such a wonderful job last night I thought I would reward you and your beautiful sister with a little fun time in the pool.” Maria smile widened. “Well, maybe not necessarily a fun time in the pool.” She laughed, then reached up and squeezed one of Tara's amazing breasts; Tara looked back at her defiantly but did not attempt to pull away. Maria kneaded the firm flesh between her fingers, still chatting cheerfully. “I'm sure you girls have strong lungs and can hold your breath for a long time.” She chuckled. “Just looked at these breasts!” Maria removed something from her coat pocket and held it in front of Tara's face.

Tara immediately recognized the diabolical discs that had been placed on her nipples before when she was tortured on the pendulum. Tara considered struggling but knew it would be futile and only add to her sadistic captors’ enjoyment.

Maria removed the tube of blue gel and applied it to the disk. She placed the disk to Tara's harden right nipple. Tara screamed into her gag as the disk attached itself to her nipple, its cruel teeth carving its way into her soft flesh. Maria continued, applying a second disc to Tara's other nipple then did the same to both of Kara's. Returning her gaze to Tara, Maria smile widely, removed her remote control from her pocket, then pressed a series of buttons; with a click, the disk portion of the device attached to the girls’ nipples sprang loose, leaving the nub portion of the device still locked tight around each of the teen hero’s nipples. The disks now hung from a 3 inch filament attached to the nub. “Now, ladies, are you ready to hear what I had in store for you?” Maria asked with a smile. “When I press the start button the torture wheels above your sweet little pussies will begin to spin.” Maria turned and looked at Kara. “Last night I had it set on the lowest setting, and that's where they will start today. But as the wheels continue to spin, then intensity of the pain will grow until it reaches its high setting.” Maria laughed out loud. “I have been told that on high it's the equivalent to being struck with an electrified bull whip.” Both teen heroines began to struggle involuntarily in their bonds and moaning through their gags. Maria smiled and felt the familiar tingle in her sex. “Now, the wheels will continue whipping your sweet spots and the intensity will continue to grow until one of you can't stand anymore. I take it you feel the release button… it's inside your right mitten. When the pain becomes too much, just push your button and it will all stop.”

Tara groaned knowing what was coming.

“But,” Maria continued. “Whichever girl presses her button will cause her sister to be lowered into the water. Maria smiled into Tara's upside down face. “For a refreshing dip. The catch is, while she's underwater her release button will not work.” Maria smiled widely staring into Tara's beautiful eyes. “So her pussy will continue to be whipped while she's stuck underwater.” Maria reached up, placing one finger on Tara’s thinly covered pussy and began moving the finger up and down along the gap. “It will be hard to hold your breath with an electric bull whip whipping your sweet spot, won't it?”

Tara groaned, her eyes wild.

“Cheer up, Redbird,” Maria said. “You’re teen superheroines; this should be like a walk in the park for you two! Your little friends attached to your nipples are how you will be pulled beneath the water. Just like on the pendulum,” Maria added. “There is 200 pounds of tension on the chain above and you'll only be pulled into the water by those tiny nipples of yours; you’ll be submerged up to about your bellybuttons; we’ve got to keep your torture wheels nice and dry so they will continue to work properly,” Maria added with a laugh. “The pressure pulling your nipples will prevent you from splashing around and trying to raise yourself up and get air. Last, but not least, your time under the water is on a random generator.” Maria stared gleefully back into Tara's wide eyes. “So you never know how long you will be sending your sister under the water. Could be a minute, could be ten.

“Please, no!” Tara screamed into her gag, shaking her head, crying helplessly.

Maria, faked a caring look, then reached up and squeezed Tara's right breast. “It's okay Redbird, you can probably hold 10 minutes worth of air in this breast alone!” Maria laughed out loud. “As I told you, the whips on high are the equivalent of an electrified bull whip strike. I’ve got your legs spread nice and wide so the whips will strike right along your little gaps on to those tender inner lips and your little pleasure buds. Not a lot of pleasure for them today,” Maria said, touching Tara's spread crotch again. “Okay, I guess that's it; time to start the fun!” Maria started to walk away, pressing a button on her remote. The gangway across the tank began to retract. When she reached the edge of the tank she turned and shouted back to them: “Now you ladies don't drown, I've got another night of fun planned for you and I Redbird, and some new toys for you to play with while you watch, Blondie!” Both heroines groaned and struggled in their bonds. Maria laughed out loud and pressed the button on her remote activating dozens of cameras mounted on the machines and under the water. She smiled as she pressed a second button on her remote.

The girls felt their bodies move towards each other, carried by the frames they whung from until the nipples on their perfect breasts were almost touching. Tara and Kara were face to face, staring into each other's eyes. Tara realized that they had not been this close since being captured by the evil Latin. Both girls instinctively pressed their bodies toward each other, attempting to touch. Straining their perfect bodies, the teens strained forward lightly touching their nipples together.

Maria watched, knowing this was the perfect moment to engage the machine. She pressed the button and watched the heroines’ bodies tighten and become rigid as the disks pulled their nipples sharply down towards the water. This in fact caused the girls backs to bow so both girls could not help but stare down at the water. Maria pressed a second button, causing the whipping wheel to start spinning and the electro-whips began hitting their marks. She turned and walked away from the tank towards her lounge, listening with a smile to the steady stream of cracking sounds of the whips and the screams and squeals of her victims.

Kara was the first to press her button; her pussy was already sore from the prior night's activities. The way her legs were spread so wide and the continued force pulling her nipples down towards the water prevented her from moving her battered crotch at all, so every electrified blow struck the gap of her tiny unprotected pussy. Kara resisted as long as she could, afraid that she could be sending her sister to watery grave. Finally, Kara could not stand the pain any longer and as she stared into her beautiful sister’s green eyes she pressed her release button. The torture wheel above Kara's battered pussy immediately stopped spinning and the relief was instantaneous. But Kara stared into her sister’s pain-stricken face. ‘I’m sorry’ she tried to mouth the words around her gag.

Tara tried to smile at her, and as she did, the pull on her breasts increased dramatically, she cried out as the pull on her nipples began her painful descent into the blue water below.

Kara watched as her beautiful redheaded sister was slowly pulled downward by her stretched nipples; Tara glanced up and met Kara’s guilty eyes as her long red hair cascaded in the water below her head, then her face disappeared under the blue water. Kara watched as her sister’s incredible but currently severely stretched breasts disappeared. When Tara's body stopped its descent, Kara realized to her horror that Tara's crotch hung directly before her eyes: Kara would be forced to watch her sisters pussy be tortured mere inches from her. Kara stared at the tiny triangle-shaped patch of red material that covered her sisters amazing pussy: the alien material was shiny and slick looking, like wet latex and so very tight. Kara stared at her sisters tan flat muscular stomach and tone perfect thighs and briefly thought that her sister’s body is perfect, then she winced as she watched the small rigid electro-whips striking the gap of her sisters amazing pussy, feeling guilty for pressing the button.

Tara remained under water for only 2 minutes, but to Kara it seemed like an eternity; Tara was soon returned to her original position and it wasn’t long before Tara was forced to press her button as well, sending Kara under the water. She struggled, desperately tryinh to hold her breathe while her pussy was continually whipped by the maniacal spinning wheel.

This torture went on to the remainder of the day, both girls being plunged beneath the water, their pussies tortured and attempting to hold their breath.
Fire and Frost...Stress Test by TheBadLieutenant
Fire and Frost...Stress Test
Amazing Art by :icondaniel-remo-art:
Inspired by  
Elena and Ibuki, degree competition by Rook-07

 Buffy Farnsworth stared at her sexy captives. She smiled wolfishly as the red and white wonders struggled in their latest death trap deep in the bowls of her sorority house. Megan Whitehouse a brilliant engineer and certifiably psychopathic explained the devious device to their leader. The girls giggled as they watched the beautiful heroines struggle. Megan gleefully outlined the device.

Our super sexy captives are each bound with their leg spread locked to arching poles. The teen heroes’ heads are sealed inside glass tank. A tube running from a large water tank ominously ran to each smaller tank over the girls head. Megan explained that the water could be either pumped into to the tank or out as needed. The concept is devilish Megan giggled. Each sacrifice must raise her legs into progressively more extreme splits. Our guests must raise there legs to the lighted marker and hold them there for two minutes …easy at first Megan grinned but as there game progresses it will become quit difficult, the evil group of beauties laughed.

The monitor will show which hero has her legs spread the most. This in turn will activate the pump filling that hero’s tank with water.The trick is that she must hold her legs perfectly still. any movement adds 30 seconds to the device Megan sighed normally it would fill the other victims tank cause the two to compete to drown the other before they themselves drown but of course with these two do-gooders they were ready to sacrifice themselves for their beloved sister so we had to change things up a little. Megan brightened, but it still should be very entertaining. As you can see from the counter Fire's legs are spread wider that Frosty so Fires tank is quickly filling with water. Blonde must wait two minutes before she must raise her legs higher to start the water flow to her tank. Megan grinned This will go back and forth until they both can reach the highest part of the arc or drown.  Then the machine will reset and they will start all over.

Megan laughed with 10 pounds more added to their legs each time. This caused the entire evil crew to begin to giggle again. The sadist trio move closer to the bound heroines. Megan smiled, there are some add treats as well. If one of the girls lower her legs more than a half an inch her sisters special gag open all the way. The trio giggled again, That will make it most difficult to hold your breath Buffy said causing the evil trio to laughed.

Buffy stood in front of the bound blond beauty eyed her amazing body, her eyes locking on the tiny triangle of shiny material covering her sex. Maybe we should add a little something extra, to increase the challenge, she pointed at the wonder teens thinly covered crotches. Megan sqealed, I have just the thing, her eyes gleamed. She dashed away returning quickly holding a device that could only be described as a paint ball gun mounted on tri-pod with another of the sorority sister in tow, Chase.

Our group was going to use this for some target practice tomorrow, Chase's eyes gleamed but hey, there is no time like present. Chase explained that the guns fired a modified  projectile much like a standard paint ball. The one designed for Fire shoots a demonic little device, when it explodes the chemical produces extreme heat and extreme pain. The one for blondie delivers extreme cold and is also very, very painful.

 Buffy stared into the blue-white eyes of the sexy blond hero. .Kara tried to stare defiantly a her captor. Buffy placed her hand of the strange alien material barely covering the white warriors pussy causing the blond hero to moan despite herself. Pulling her hand and licking her fingers. What a danger slut, her pussy is hot enough burn my finger. I guess our little snowflake needs a cool down. This cause the others to laugh. Shall  we give them what they want, Buffy stared at the bound blond heroes crotch set up the guns she grinned as Teen Fire and Frosts leg began to spread.  



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