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First ...Sorry for the delay but I have been in the hospital ...partially blinded and was released today.

The Winner is Desert Lion

Mature Content

Fire And Frost Peril Contest 2015 by TheBadLieutenant

Mature Content

Fire And Frost Peril Contest 2015   Page 2 by TheBadLieutenant

Second place was a toss up between three but Daniel Remo edged ahead

Mature Content

In The Hands Of The Red Queen By Daniel Remo Art by TheBadLieutenant

Thank you all for your wonderful art


What is your favorite villian that has captured Fire and Frost? 

46 deviants said Sorority Slavers (Buffy Farnsworth)
23 deviants said The Mechanic (Maria Sol)
14 deviants said TortureBot II
8 deviants said Nefertiti (Memphis Hathor)
6 deviants said The Red Queen (Morgana Rouge)
5 deviants said Darkstar (Andrea Steele)
4 deviants said or who would you choose to punish Fire and Frost ...Comment below
3 deviants said Hex (Sasha Mstislav)
3 deviants said Grimlock
2 deviants said The Cyborg Huntress (Ilsa Fadder)


Fire Frost Twerk Trouble I

Fire Frost Twerk Trouble II by TheBadLieutenant

The evil villain Alex James AKA Flashdance stared at her sexy captives. Welcome to my specially constructed dance studio she purred.  Teen Fire and Frost had been subdued after an exciting melee with the villain and her advance tap and jazz classes. Now the sexy teen heroes were prisoners in the basement of an abandoned dance studio. The red and white wonders were bound to devilish torture machine of her own design. Flashdance smiled, her lithe dancer’s body stretching gracefully, Ladies let me explain your perilous situation. I am quite proud of those devices you currently bound too. I call them my “twerk trainers” the sexy villain laughed. Both of the sexy heroes groaned. The device was a small metal seat lined with small probes. The devices also contained ominous paddles in front and back of the device. The villain had explained that the sexy heroes would have to continually “twerk” moving their hips rapidly as the device raised and lowered. The device is quite simple Flashdance stated, all you two do-gooders have to do is keep those hips moving back and forth. Easy enough the sexy villain smiled. But you super sluts must keep those “hot twats” in contact with those probes at all times. The villain explained that electrical shocks would precede the poles lowering and rising so the sexy heroes would know when to lower and raise their bodies to keep their pussies in contact with the probe covered torture devices. Alright a lady here’s the deal, I have placed a number of explosives at a children fair at the city’s community center. This event will last for about 6 hours. During this time me and my gang will be relieving the modern music museum of a large collection of solid gold record albums. Teen Fire and Frost stared at the exotic captors as she pointed at a TV monitor mounted above the mirrored wall in front of the bound teens. There Flashdance purred you can watch the festivities, Just remember if your crotches loose contact with the probes on the device for more couple of second or either of you stop twerking it will be bye-bye for the kiddies The sexy villain laughed as she ran her thin finger over Tara’s firm breast. Should be easy for a couple of super fit ladies such as yourselves. When the kids event is over then your dance is over and you can free yourselves. Of course me and my girls will have a good head start to escape.

Well I have some gold records to steal and you have some dancing to do Flashdance laughed out loud. Oh one more thing the lithe villain smiled as she moved her hand over her scantly clad red heroes tone body. I've heard about those special panties of your as she squeezed the red teen heroes tiny heart shaped bottom. Tara squealed despite herself then looked defiantly at the sexy villain. The probes can get very hot Flashdance purred as she continued to fondle Fire’s round muscular ass. Yours can get very cold Frosty the dark villain smirked at the blond beauty. No cumming super sluts the sultry villain stated. See those wicked paddles. Both teen heroes looked at the ominous paddle directly in front of the thinly covered pussies. Both knew that there was a larger one directly behind their pert bottoms. Any pleasure will cause the rear paddle activate then the front Flashdance laughed. Any additional “fun” the villain smirked your legs chains will retract make it much more difficult to keep those hips moving. Speaking of hips moving it’s time for you two to get started. Fire and Frost groan as loud music with a deep base began to pump through the small room. Both teens screamed as a powerful electric jolt struck their thinly covered crotches. The red and white wonders began thrusting their hips back and forth. Both heroes squealed as the paddle to the rear of the devious device landed a powerful swat. Tara and Kara heard their captors voice yell over the music. Pop those butts’ ladies. Fire and Frost both began twerking like they had seen on countless music videos. Keep dancing ladies Flashdance shouted as she sealed the door leaving the teen heroes thought it would be a long 6 hours as they rapidly thrusting their hips to the pounding music. 



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