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Fire And Frost Peril Contest 2015 by TheBadLieutenant

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Fire And Frost Peril Contest 2015   Page 2 by TheBadLieutenant

Second place was a toss up between three but Daniel Remo edged ahead

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In The Hands Of The Red Queen By Daniel Remo Art by TheBadLieutenant

Thank you all for your wonderful art


What is your favorite villian that has captured Fire and Frost? 

46 deviants said Sorority Slavers (Buffy Farnsworth)
23 deviants said The Mechanic (Maria Sol)
15 deviants said TortureBot II
8 deviants said Nefertiti (Memphis Hathor)
6 deviants said The Red Queen (Morgana Rouge)
5 deviants said Darkstar (Andrea Steele)
5 deviants said or who would you choose to punish Fire and Frost ...Comment below
3 deviants said Hex (Sasha Mstislav)
3 deviants said Grimlock
2 deviants said The Cyborg Huntress (Ilsa Fadder)


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The twin teen superheroes awoke to find themselves away from the torture pool their bodies rejuvenated even as their hair was still damp. The girls surveyed their new predicament and groaned. The heroes were bound across from each other. Tara noted that her wrists were bound above her head and connected to a metal pipe that ran through a slot in the ceiling. Her body was suspended with her feet about 2 feet off the floor.

Kara’s eyes widened as he looked directly below her spread crotch and saw a rack similar to a traffic barricade what she immediately identified as several sets blow torch head. Each rack had a set of red and green laser beams at each end of the rack. Tara immediately began to struggle in her bonds as she turned her head to stared into the wide eyes of her beautiful sister, as if on cue Maria step through the doorway into the small room.
She smiled at the scantily clad teen heroes struggling on their most recent torture device. Well ladies did you enjoy your time in the pool. See, I told you both that with boobs like those you could hold your breath indefinitely, now I’m going to help you ladies dry off, Maria laughed. I’m sure too smart teen superheroes such as yourselves have figured out that below those hot little pussies are some hot little flame jets.

Maria stared into Kara’s brilliant red green eyes and said, I got you some more fire torture to get you in the mood for tonight. The flame should make those magic panties working overtime and driving you crazy. Tara stared defiantly back at her captor, but knew she was right, this broaden Maria’s smile.
Now ladies, I believe that some exercise is in order after hanging around at the pool all day. Maria laughed out loud. This device is similar to the pendulum that you ladies experienced earlier.
Both girls groaned causing Maria to laugh again. It is very simple, when the center flame is turned on, you will use your body weight and those sexy tone muscles of yours to swing your body’s back and forth keeping your crotches out of the fire. Maria smiled, being teen heroes you girls could probably swing all week without breaking a sweat. So of course, I had to make it a challenge. Maria pointed at the edge of the rack at the colored laser beams Tara had noticed early. Maria said with each of your swings your body must break the green beam. Easy huh? Maria laughed. But you must not swing too far and break the red beam. Maria said in a fake sad tone because breaking the red beam will cause your sexy sister to be punished.
Maria smiled, first breaking the beam will cause additional burners to ignite. Maria’s smile widen, once all the flame are burning then breaking the red beam will cause the flames to intensify. First the flame jets angled toward the lushes inter thighs then the center ones. Those flames on your inter thighs are three times as powerful as the others Maria laughed forcing you ladies to spread your sexy legs and hold them out wide. I think it will be very hard to swing your bodies with your legs spread out, In fact I’m counting on it Maria laughed again.
Tara stared defiantly at her captor feeling hate and fear and yes that tingle.
Maria stare back a Tara her green eyes twinkling with delight. Oh Red Bird all is this fire play will have those tiny bottoms of your in overdrive. Maria reached down and began to rub Tara’s thinly covered pussy.
This caused Tara to groan despite herself.
Hearing this Marias smile widen and she began to rub harder. You could stop this Redbird just agree to be my pussy slave and I will release you. Abandon your sister, I have a buyer for her anyway, he is quite interested in breaking her and making her some sort of pony or puppy girl slave. Maria moved closer to Tara’s beautiful face staring into her red green eyes and said, your new life will consist of only pleasuring me, what do you say?
Tara immediately shook her head no. This caused Maria to smile a toothy smile and say I was hoping you would say that. Maria squeezed Tara’s crotch causing her to yip. I have all the time in the world to break you.
Maria walked to the chair that was set between the two hero’s torture devices .
Kara groaned and Maria move next to the breathtaking blond teen hero and said what the matter Blondie all this fire play got you down. Maria stared into Kara's blue white eyes and said I tell you what I'll do. If you survive the fun tonight, tomorrow night instead of enjoyed your sister pleasuring me, I have create a special torture device in a small blast freezer in the basement. Sounds fun huh, Maria's smile widen...I will let what happens too you in there be a surprise but I promise you will be very, very cold.
Maria returned to the chair between to the two heroes. Well time to swing, Maria laughed out loud. You two will be happy to know that I have decided to stay her with you ladies tonight while you swing and play with you. Maria point at a table near her chair. The table top was covered with torture devices.
Tara saw whips, canes, shockers and to Tara's increasing fear several weights. Lets see how you girls can swing those tight asses with 40 lbs attached to you spread legs. Maria stated.
Get to swinging ladies. I am feeling generous so I will give you each five freebie swings before not breaking the green laser will start costing you.
With a collective moan both teen heroes began flexing their amazingly toned muscles and began to swing. The center flame jets sprang to life. Tara thought to herself as her tiny costume bottoms began to make her pussy tingle this would be a long painful night.


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